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Perfect Love



I read the cutest church sign today for Valentine’s Day.  It read:  BE MINE  –God

That’s all he ever asks of us.  We definitely make out on the deal.

I see the benefits of God’s perfect love in the following: 

Sending His Son to die on the cross for me, giving me Neil as a husband, blessing me with two perfect boys, answering my prayers, not answering my prayers, Him listening to me, never leaving me, always providing everything I need, healing me, giving me amazing friends, protecting me, giving me grace all the time even though I don’t deserve it, Him teaching me, opening my eyes and ears, showing me His beauty, the quirky things about me that make me ME, creating me in His image, creating this beautiful world we live in, giving me an encouraging word when I need one, God’s people being His hands and feet, forgiveness, mothers, heaven, the changing of the seasons, babies, and laughter.  

All of this He has given me and more, but there is nothing that I have to give Him, except for all of me.   

Happy Valentine’s Day God. Thank You that I am yours!